Colour has always been the inspiration for Tessa’s work. From using pastels early in life, through textile studies, photographic work, film editing and directing, she has now found her true home in the strong colours and vibrancy of the south of France. She was drawn to the extraordinary light of the Côte Vermeille (the ruby-red coast) more than a decade ago and has been returning to paint there ever since. It is no surprise to find that she has been influenced by Fauvists Henri Matisse and André Derain who painted there in the early 1900s. The colourful fishing village of Collioure, made famous by these early artists, with its vividly painted houses and beautiful seascapes, remains a constant source of inspiration to her.

The lavender fields and cypress trees of Provence have also captured Tessa’s eye – again it is the deep contrasting hues that captivate her.  She loves to be able to paint enveloped in the heady scent of the lavender.

A more abstract style where symbols play a major role is another aspect of Tessa’s work. These intuitively created images are made in a state of being where she allows the process to evolve, with the end result often a surprise for her. These paintings are sometimes more subtle in tones of whites and blues, and seem to touch a more spiritual chord, linking one possibly to some other time or space.