About the artist

I love the exhilaration of painting en plein air, being part of the landscape itself and capturing the huge variety of light and colours throughout the day. The light in the south of France is overwhelmingly bright, intensifying every colour and demanding to be painted!

Nature is a great teacher and working with constantly changing light and weather conditions is always a challenge, especially when the Tramontane or Mistral winds are blowing.

If it is not possible to finish a work outside, I add the finishing touches in my studio. It is here also that I have developed a different style of  painting which incorporates symbols such as circles and spirals. These paintings (see Abstract Galleries) are created intuitively and often I do not know what I am creating until the process is finished - it’s as if they are dictating the rhythm and I am merely the conduit . These calming images are a complete contrast to the hot colours of my Mediterranean pictures.

For the last few years I have been living and working in the Cotswolds. The Mediterranean coastline remains a constant source of inspiration to me and I return there regularly to paint.